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Education in the use of blood flow restriction training


Occlude has extensive experience in hosting courses in evidence-based blood flow restriction training. We have hosted more than fifty presentations and courses at physiotherapy clinics, hospitals, gyms, educational institutions and conferences in Denmark and Europe.
Occlude’s courses are based on the latest evidence and research in blood flow restriction training, mixed with “best practice” and experiences from our many years of collaborations with physiotherapists. A course from Occlude will equip you with the latest theoretical knowledge, and provide you with the necessary practical tools, so that you immediately, can get the full benefit of blood flow restriction training, in your work as a healthcare professional.
National and regional courses in blood flow restriction training, are organized by Occlude’s distributors and partners. Occludes ensures that they use indepedent, well-educated, and local speaking physiotherapists.

All Occlude courses include

  • Introduction to method and physiological mechanisms of blood flow restriction training
  • Safety, contraindications and patient compliance
  • Introduction to and practical determination of individual blood flow restriction training pressure. We teach the scientifically recommended AOP-method (Arterial occlusion pressure method)
  • Blood flow restriction training in rehabilitation
  • Testing of different protocols and “hands on” experience with blood flow restriction training and Occludes equipment



Overview of upcoming national and regional courses:

No scheduled courses right now

We recieve great feedback on our courses

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Webinars & online education

At Occlude, we constantly strive to optimize and improve the available knowledge in blood flow restriction training for you, our distributors and partners. We constantly update our site with blogs, articles and plan to expand with webinars aswell. Visit our Knowledge Lab or subscribe to our newsletter to always stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge about blood flow restriction training. 


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