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A cookie is placed on your PC when you use Occlude’s website. This means that a small text file is stored to support your use of the website. It is a passive file that cannot spread viruses or other malicious malware.

How do we use cookies?

Occlude uses cookies to create website traffic statistics and as a tool to increase the functionality for our users. This covers, for example, knowledge about which products you have looked at or when you last visited our website.

Cookies collect this information when you are on our website:

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It is not possible to collect personal data about you from our cookies, and no information is passed on or sold. You can always rejects the use of cookies on your computer, by choosing the right settings in your browser. To reject Occlude’s cookies, add our website to the list of websites you would like to block cookies from.You also have the option to delete the cookies your browser has stored. If you visit our website without rejecting or deleting your cookies, you have thus accepted the use.

When you send us an email or request our support, you provide us with your name, email address and sometime your phone number too. We only use this information to answer your inquiry.