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Return quickly to your sport or improve your performance

Are you injured, in rehabilitation, or having difficulty increasing your muscle mass?

Blood flow restriction training is an effective training tool for you who want to quickly return to your sport after an injury or surgery, or for you who have difficulty increasing your muscle mass with traditional strength training.

As an injured or newly operated athlete, blood flow restriction training is a bridge-building tool between low-intensity and high-intensity strength training. The end goal of rehabilitation is always to return to the heavy strength training, as this form of training is the most effective in increasing your strength and performance. In case of surgery or injury, there will often be a long period where strength training (especially heavy strength training) can not be performed. Blood flow restriction training is performed both completely unloaded or in combination with low loads, which allows you to start your rehabilitation already in the immobilized phase or in the early post-operative phase.

Research has shown that training with low external load (< 30 % of 1RM) during blood flow restriction training, is just as effective in increasing muscle mass as traditional heavy strength training (> 60% of 1RM). Early rehabilitation will optimize the protection of muscle mass and thus the physical function of the rehabilitation phase, and it can shorten the time until you can return to sports.

Sara Slott was injured five weeks before the defense of her European Championship. Experience Sara’s story and how she used Occlude in an accelerated recovery to make it to the starting line.

Increase muscle mass and take your performance to the next level

In many sports, a high level of strength and muscle mass are crucial for performance. For athletes who have difficulty increasing muscle mass, blood flow restriction training can be used as a “finisher”. A “finisher” is an addition to the heavy strength training and completes the session. Blood flow restriction training is used as a boost for hypertrophy (increased muscle mass). Do not replace your heavy strength training with blood flow restriction training. Heavy strength training is superior to blood flow restriction training in increasing strength, and blood flow restriction training is therefore only used as a supplementary training stimulus to the healthy athlete. The effect of blood flow restriction training added to the heavy strength training as a potent “finisher”, to increase muscle mass and strength, is confirmed in several scientific studies.
Blood flow restriction training can also be used during periods with reduced availiabilty or oppotunity for heavy strength training. E.g. if you have many travel days, or if you need to deload the heavy strength training, during periods with a high load of sport-specific training, matches, or competition. Team Occlude have many years of experience in training athletes at the highest level, and we are very happy to answer questions in regard to your training.

Experience how professional handball player Mathias Smed uses Occlude in his physical training.

Do you need help with your rehabilitation?

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