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Occlude Rehab+


2 x Occlude XL cuffs
Conical shaped leg cuffs in size extra large. The XL cuffs cover circumference from 60-74 cm.

2 x Occlude L cuffs
Conical shaped leg cuffs in size large. The large cuffs cover circumference from 45-61 cm.

2 x Occlude M cuffs
Conical shaped arm cuffs in size medium. The medium cuffs cover circumference from 31-44 cm.

2 x Occlude Small cuffs
Conical shaped arm cuffs in size small. The small cuffs cover circumference from 20-32 cm.

2 x Occlude sphygmomanometers
Handheld sphygmomanometers with manual pump and pressure gauge. Fits all Occlude cuffs

2 x Occlude string bags
Convenient string bags for storing your blood flow restriction training equipment


Sara Slott – Olympic silver medalist


Danish design, CE-marked and medical registrated blood flow restriction training equipment

  • Pneumatic equipment
  • Conical shaped cuffs
  • Detailed usermanual and guidelines
  • Chosen by hospitals, rehabilitation units and physiotherapy clinics.
  • Used by world-class and olympic athletes
  • Represented in several countries

Increase muscle mass and improve function with minimal load on tendons and joints


What our customers say about Occlude

Thomas Bay, Head of Medical FC Midtjylland

Blood Flow Restriction Training is an important tool for us to minimise “time loss”, and secure the fastest possible “return to sport” for our players after an injury. We are using Occlude as a permanent tool in our rehabilitation. In pre- and post operative phases, and to minimise loss in muscle mass and strength.


Mikkel Duelund, professional football player, Dynamo Kiev.

I fractured my ankle december 13th 2018 and needed surgery. I used Occlude immediately after surgery and it was a huge win, because i could prevent the loss of muscle mass. This was especially for the injured leg, and it gave me the opportunity to exercise, even from home in the couch, when the leg was in a cast.


Magnus Landin, professional handball player, and two-time World Champion

For the first time ever i didnt feel that i lost any noteworthy strength or stability after an injury.


Signe Lillienskjold Knudsen, speed flyer and outdoor enthusiast.

A thousand thanks for the product you have developed. It has really made a difference in my rehabilitation.


Thomas Padkær Petersen, Physioterapist

What i really appreciate about Occlude, is the complete guidance and help that comes with the product, provided from the creators. I really experience how their approach is well consolidated in the scientific litterature. Occlude are focused on sharing knowledge, so the users learn to understand what blood flow restriction training can, and cannot. In other words: They don’t promise you anything that isn’t scientifically covered.